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Quality Assurance

Our strong and relentless commitment towards quality has enabled us to garner an unending list of clients. Thus, we stringently follow a well-framed quality control management and regularly upgrade it so that our range of Water Purifiers, Water Coolers and Water Treatment Plants is at par with the latest industry standards. Our team of quality inspectors supervises the entire process, right from the procurement of necessary manufacturing inputs till the final dispatch of the consignment to the clients' end.

Furthermore, to ensure that a defect free system is delivered at the clients' sites, our inspectors test every finished product on the following quality parameters:

  • Effectiveness
  • Energy consumption
  • Ease of Operation
  • Design

Client Satisfaction

In order to satisfy the diversified needs of our valued clients, we provide them with a range of Water Purifiers, Water Coolers and Water Treatment Plants that is designed in accordance with the global industry standards. We follow a holistic client-oriented approach and take pride in announcing a cent-per-cent client satisfaction record. All our efforts are directed towards providing the clients with the best solutions for their individual needs. Furthermore, we maintain cordial relations with them, and duly incorporate their suggestions. In addition, we facilitate them with various hassle-free payment modes. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Credit Card
  • DD
  • LC
  • Pay Order

Due to all these measures, we have been able to muster a vast client base all over the Indian Subcontinent.

Water and Water Quality

Water…. What a wonder! People use it in so many ways, it is perhaps unrealistic to expect it to meet all the demands they make of it, water can and does meet all its obligations.

Public health authorities, industrial firms, commercial firms, hospitals and institutions, farmers and homemakers…. each has special requirements in terms of water quality. And when water quality fails to meet these requirements, trouble begins.

Even the space age scientist gets into act when calls for deionized water t to clean the metal skins of his satellites. His request for the deionized water streams from the fact that it prevents local “hot spot” corrosion and those unwanted residue weight as his ships soar out into space. More mundane uses are for final rinsing of automobiles trucks and Aircraft

To provide the water for any demand, whether it be that of the public health authority the home maker or the space age scientist, two all-important factors must be considered:
  • Precisely what does analysis of the raw water supply indicate?
  • To what end use will the water be put?

Analysis of water may show that it contains:
  • Dissolved minerals
  • Dissolved gases
  • Turbidity and sediment
  • Colour and organic matter
  • Taste and odor, and/or
  • Micro -organisms.

Whether or not any of these impurities are harmful in a given situation in turn depends on:
The Nature and the amount of impurities:

  • The tolerance permissible for each of these impurities: and
  • The end use of water.

Water of a quality that may prove unacceptable or unsatisfactory for certain requirements may be quite satisfactory in other instances. To cite an example. Water with 15grains per gallon of hardness (257 mg/liter) is objectionable for laundering and bathing. This same water however, is satisfactory for sprinkling the land

What is pure water? Can it really exist?

Pure ordinary water (H20) consists of hydrogen (11.1888) percent by weight and oxygen (88.812%)

It has a slightly blue Colour and is very slightly compressible. At its maximum density at 39.2 F or 4 C, it is the standard for the specific gravities of solids and liquids. Its specific heat is the basis for the calorie and the B.T.U units of heat. It freezes at 32 F or zero degree C. Note the term “Pure water “in this definition. Though we take a great deal about “Pure water” .The phrase is more of a designation than an actuality.

Actually,”pure water” (H20) accures so rearly, that for all intents and purposes, it is a non-existent liquid. Even the term pure water is somewhat ambiguous .It has different connotations to individuals in various fields

The bacteriologist, for example, is apt to regard “pure water” as sterile liquid, that is, one with no loving bacteria in it. The chemist, on the other hand, might well classify water as pure when it possesses no mineral, gaseous or organic impurities. It is obvious that “pure water” as described in this paragraph is likely to found only in laborites…. And even there only under ideal conditions.

The source of water will by far define the pollution or impurities that it may hold.